Monday, February 27, 2012

Cowtown Half Marathon

Yesterday, I ventured down a road that I have dreamed of for many years.  I have been training in some form my entire life, since I was a kid.  Whether it be for little dribblers basketball, high school track, college volleyball... and now.... a half marathon.  For the past 8 or so years I'd been telling myself that my bucket list included a half - marathon.  Yesterday.... I was able to mark that one off my list! 

I've been training for the Cowtown Half Marathon with a team of amazing women since late October 2011.  These women came from all walks of life too.  Some had never ran, some ran occassionally... and one marked off her 40th half yesterday!  We all had one thing in common, Camp Gladiator.  A bootcamp we joined and then took a step further to join their run team.

I was lucky enough to have an amazing families support behind me too.  Danny, the kids and I all stayed in downtown Ft Worth Saturday night so that I could awake at 4:30 AM for breakfast at the hotel and a short ride on the shuttle over to the Will Rogers Collisium.  The start time was 7 AM and it was a chilly 43 degrees.  Shortly enough... after all the excitement and momentum buildup.... I was warm and ready to run.  Danny and the kids made their way from downtown in the car over to the stock yards.  I passed them around mile 6.5 and they were such a refreshing site to see! 

Here I am with my fellow CG runner, Lindsey as we run through the Ft Worth Stockyards.  (we are in the red tanktops.


A little closer shot shows how excited we were to see familiar faces!

Unfortunately Danny and the kids missed me coming down the final stretch.... but I passed my dad and stepmom around mile 12 and got a little teary eyed at the sight of them.  I had just came up a super tough hill, embarking on a new mileage total for 1 continuous run, and was praying the Lord would help me get the short distance to the finish line.  Luckily... my prayers were answered!  I finished my FIRST HALF-MARATHON in 2:00:21.  My goal was to run in 2 hours.  So I guess 21 seconds is close enough!

Once I completed the race they had all sorts of goodies for us to eat and drink inside the exhibit hall.  And finally.... the best site.... my family!  I got a big hug from Izzy and Colby!

Yea!  My first finishers metal!

My favorite little family!

My number 1 DAD!

Lolli & Pa... I'm so thankful you were there to support me in that last push for the finish line!

Lolli was so thoughtful!!!!  She brought me a chocolate chip cake for finishing the race!  I must admit I cheated and ate part of it on Friday night.... but I saved the "YOU DID IT" until yesterday evening!  MMM.... so delicious!
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Monday, February 20, 2012


This year the kids and I brought out her artistic side for Valentines day!  Nothing was bought.... except I bought the kids their cards.... and the candy that went inside their valentines.  We had a great time with it.... Izzy is especially excited anytime we have "art time"!

Here are the Valentine's cards made for all our grandparents..... Izzy traced around her Right and Colby's left hand to make them.  And then wrote a special message on the in and outsides.

We had our annual Valentines dinner with Izzy on Monday night before Vday.  Izzy always enjoys dressing up the table with art, special glasses, flowers and candles.  Here are the kids with Danny discovering their candy, cards and books for Vday from Danny and I. 

Valentines morning the kids were excited to take their handmade Valentines to school.  Izzy chose to take M&M's and I made this little card to go with it then she signed them.  She chose the colors and the giraffe and I laid it all together.  I by no means have any artistic ability in myself.... so these are taken from Pinterest.... my FAVORITE website!

we made these.... also from Pinterest for Colby and Izzy's teachers.  Colby got blue paper and Izzy chose pink.

And finally.... Colby's Valentines.... also from Pinterest.  Izzy had a blast putting these together over the weekend.

Izzy ready to head to school for her Valentines Day party!

Colby too... but you'd never know it by his face.

Izzy teacher asked all the students to bring a baby picture to class but not show any of their friends before turning them in.  She then collected them and posted them on the hall way board with a number beside each.  The students were asked to label on their sheet which classmate they thought was who according to the number beside the picture.  I watched the kids later as their teacher went through all of them with the kids after they had made their choices.  It was funny to see each of them's reactions. 

Izzy's Valentines Bag made during class.

Izzy and Daddy!

Luckily the kids parties were not at the same time so we were able to take Izzy with us over to Colby's party.  He didn't understand why we were all there and not taking him home immediately.  Eventually.... once all the snacks and treats came  he was happy to sit in his chair at the table.  This kid does NOT miss a meal!  He found this brownie cupcake with red icing.....

And boy did he look great with it!

Happy Valentines Day!

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dallas World Aquarium

After my race in Dallas we took the kids over to the Dallas World Aquarium.  I think everyone around DFW had the same idea as I've never seen it so crowded.

Izzy know's the place backward and forward because we've taken her so many times.  And Colby is now getting to the age that he enjoys the exhibits as well.  Especially the fish in the tank where they swim right up beside you. 

I saw the kids in this pose and had to capture the shot. Both leg is bend and heads leaning in towards one another.... PRICELESS!


Another great photo and Danny and Colby looking at Izzy and I through the tank.

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Hot Chocolate.... MMMM

I've been training since November 2011 to run The Cowtown Half Marathon in Ft Worth at the end of February. As part of my training regimine I signed up for another run this past weekend in Dallas called the Hot Chocolate. The race was a 15K and I was thrilled to have my best friend Christina join me! I had a sleep over at her sister's house the night before since she lived so close to the sight of the race. We had to get up at 5:50 am to prepare for our morning run... I can't imagine how early I would have had to wake if I were driving from home!

We were warned via email from the Race Chairmen the night before that the weather was going to prove to be a pain in our side. 25 mph wind gusts and temperatures expected to be 28 with out the windchill is definitely not our "ideal" run weather.... especially with the mild winter we've had to date. But, Christina and I were both head strong enough to brave it. We layered and layered and even had hand warmers that proved to be GREATNESS! Highly recommended!!!

I finished the race in 1 hour and 23 minutes... averaging 8:47 per mile. Much better than I had expected.... I guess I can blame it on the idea of chocolate at the end of the race. They had a Ghirardelli chocolate fondue fountain for a post race treat that included rice crispy treat, pretzels, marshmallow, apples and a banana. I never would have guessed apples with chocolate would have been so delicious!

Here is Christina and I after the race! Not my favorite picture with Chrisitna's eyes shut... but it was the only one I got with her and I had to post it! I'm so proud of her!!!!

Danny was able to bring the kids out to cheer me on. I was so happy to see their smiling faces at the end of the race. What a lucky momma!  And luckily the kids were able to play inside the building in bounce houses. 

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Spring Fling Dance Time!

Last summer Izzy tried out for a Dance Competition Squad at her dance school.  She's been attending this school since she was 3 and has loved it!  The competition squad called "Company" consists of about 50 girls and aged 6-18.  Within the company squad they also have other smaller squads of like ages to compete. 

Izzy's first "competition" like dance was called Spring Fling and held here in Colleyville at a local highschool.  There were many local public schools and dance schools in attendence to get a good feel for the competition environment they will be apart of next month.  

Izzy's first routine was with her Petite Jazz squad to "Dollhouse".  Izzy is front center in the picture below.  Her group did AWESOME!

Look how old she looks with all that makeup!

Her second routine was with the entire competition squad to "Around the World".  Izzy started out front and center for this show and her team did a great job.  I'm so happy all their hard work has paid off for them!  We look forward to her actual competitions coming up soon.

Izzy had 3 dress changes within this one routine.

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Ride 'em Cowgirl & Cowboy!

A couple of weekend ago we made a big trip to Paris with the entire family to celebrate GG's birthday! 

The kids always enjoy going to Paris and being free with the relaxed environment the country brings.  Both Colby and Izzy were able to ride "Ms B" at GG's house and loved their time!

Colby has been on the horse 1 other time in his life and didn't do much but just sit on top.  This time Izzy and Colby were able to ride around together for a little bit.  I loved getting to see the big smile on their faces! 

Luckily they are so small.... they can both sit in the seat of the saddle together!

Izzy got all "cowgirled" up in her vest, boots and jacket. 

Colby found the bucket of horse feed and GG made sure he didn't "taste" it.

After riding around for a while the kids decided it was time to try out the tractor.  As usual you can't get a picture of Colby's face as he's head down pushing levers and buttons.

Sunday was lunchtime at Pa & Lolli's with Aunt Ches, Aunt Whitney Uncle Ryan and Jamie.

Colby and Izzy decided they wanted to fill bigger shoes!

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